Thursday, February 7, 2013

Entry #6


No, No. No. No. No. No. This can’t be happening.

I am back in my own house, in my own bedroom. My head is throbbing. Last I remember was I was
having a conversation with the caretaker. I must write it all down in case I forget anything later.

I remember barging into the lighthouse, scared and anxious. The caretaker was at the reception desk.
He saw me and said “Follow me”.

In one of his private quarters, the conversation went something like…

You’ve got to help me! Something is very wrong in this lighthouse of yours, it is haunted by…
Yes, I know
You know! Then please tell me what to do. Its following me and made me into this grotesque looking
I can’t help you.
But why not!? It turned you into an ugly creature as well…
No. That is only how it appears to you…But, at the very least, I owe you an explanation. You see, me
and my wife have been running this place ever since it was a proper functioning lighthouse. I renovated it myself and opened it to guests once it had no further use. For years, we made our living here with my son and daughter.
I don't care about your history lessons!
Ahh, but you must! Did you not hear me say I had a DAUGHTER...?
“....Oh dear God...
She was so pretty. And she grew up into a beautiful woman albeit a bit on the shy side. One fateful day a handsome young man came to stay, and my daughter was on reception duty. Oh, she was smitten. She checked him into the room on the ground floor and every night while he slept, she would creep up to his bedroom from the garden and peep in through the window. This went on for a week or so. On the man’s last night, he lay on the bed as usual, but as my daughter began to peep, he suddenly got up. She was about to run off when he called out to her and invited her inside. He told her he had noticed her at the window the very first night itself and that while she was peeping at him…He was in turn peeking at her through half open eyes. He said he had looked forward to her daily midnight visits, and admired her slender shadow as it basked in the light of the moon. They really hit it off and he promised to return another day. He did. Many times. And each time he came to stay, they would play a silly little game where they would re-enact the window scene. Childish yes, but romantic in a way, wouldn't you say? He was such a nice boy too. It was unsurprising to me when they told me they were to wed. Alas, tragedy strikes but on the most unfortunate of days. My daughter and her bridesmaids were on the fourth floor preparing her gown for the big day when one of the candles tipped over and…her dress caught on fire.
We managed to put the fire out...but it was too late. It was a miracle she even survived…she was no longer
the same. She lost most of her skin and her face was almost completely burnt off. Her eyeballs were popping out of their sockets and her teeth were always showing because she no longer had lips to cover them.
Please, just stop...
 My poor, poor Alma. She was devastated. Soon after, without so much as a word, her fiancée left. And he never came back. And that...she could not take.
We found her body the next morning. She had jumped from the fourth floor window.
…God...your daughter...that thing...
Yes. The reason I still run this place is because of her. She cannot leave this place on her own you see. My sweet sweet Alma. She gets so lonely. But thank God she found you.
Friend, that night when you noticed something outside your window, you shouldn’t have peeked. Now she mistakes you for her long lost lover, just as she did the previous four men. But Alma gets what she wants and it is my duty as a father to provide for her. You understand don't you?
What?? No! You're mad!
“...As wonderful as she is, having the love of her life abandoning her has turned her into quite a jealous and possessive girl. She wants you to only have eyes for her. I hope you understand.
No…please don’t! I can help you! I can help both of you!
You already have. Show your appreciation for her every chance you get, alright? Treat my daughter well, she is all yours now.

The next thing I remember, the old man started to smile, and I passed out straight after. The next thing I knew, I was back here and…

No No No. I can smell it…

Oh God help me.

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