Thursday, February 7, 2013

Entry #5


First victim: Casey Martin. Gouged his own eyes out. Died a year after staying at Lighthouse Hotel.

Second victim: Joseph Tan. Multiple deep lacerations around the scalp, bled to death from the wounds. Died 2 months after staying at Lighthouse Hotel.

Third victim: Michael Alexander. Shot a bullet through his forehead. Died a year after staying at Lighthouse Hotel. 


These were Metias’ recital of his findings during what was to be our final “normal” meeting. I recall
it now with such clarity. The victims of the Grinning Suicides and their link to the lighthouse hotel, it
wasn’t a coincidence after all.

Fourth victim...Metias Raison, stabbed himself in the eye with a pen...penetrating all the way into the brain. Died 4 months after staying at Lighthouse Hotel.

Metias… you were right all along. How I wish I could tell you that now.

You see, I finally summoned the courage to look at myself in the rearview mirror. And what I saw
surpassed even my wildest nightmares.

I was hideous. Disgustingly hideous. Worse than all the other townspeople put together. Parts of my
face looked mutilated, decayed and rotten. The abscesses were so bad that I had lost much of my hair in
place of bulging throbbing pus sacs.

There was no telling how long I sat in the car, drifting in and out of consciousness, but something
snapped me out of it.

The smell of Jasmines.

I panicked. My grief replaced by terror just thinking about another encounter with that thing. I hadn’t
even realised that it was dark already. I started the car and drove. Back to the lighthouse. It was my only
hope of finding some sort of answer….or cure.

I hit the first turn and instantly regretted my decision. The road to the lighthouse was narrow, dark and
winding. Dense trees and foliage close in from either side.

The journey was not particularly long but it felt like it would never end. The smell of Jasmines grew
stronger and my fear grew with it. I turned on the radio in hopes of calming myself with something
other than the thumping noise in my chest. But all I could hear was static and hisses. As I fiddled with
the controls frantically trying to search for a working station, I looked up and saw a dark figure standing
beside the trees. She was a translucent blur at a distance but became clearer as the car approached. She
was dressed in white and had long dark hair. She was looking at me with black hollow eyes, and as I
passed her by she looked like she was about to say something. When I didn’t stop, the radio
suddenly let out a loud female shriek. It was so sudden and so demonic that I screamed and swerved
dangerously from side to side. But I did not dare slow down.

Her scent began to subside and that made me speed up. Twisting and turning, I was taking corners at speeds way above the safety limit, praying my tyres would hold out. I was not expecting it, but further down the road, she appeared again.

This time she was standing closer to the road, her expression different. Her brow ridges were lowered and her lips were tightened and narrow....She was angry. As I passed her the second time, her mouth opened in a silent scream. I heard nothing, but I felt the hairs on my skin stand on end. Her empty scream was equally as frightening as her audible one, if not more so. I could not stop shivering.

Now my state of mind has been severely crippled. Every turn, at every tree I was expecting her to show up again. The suspense was unbearably tormenting. My anxiety increased with every passing second.

The third time she appeared almost made me crash my car. She appeared right in the middle of the road immediately after a blind corner. She was floating above the ground, her hair hovering ominously above her head, her teeth clenched. And for a brief moment I thought I saw a flash of blood red where her eyeballs would have been. She looked extremely resentful. I could not react in time, and ran straight into her....or straight through her. Again, I heard nothing, but felt a cold chill pass through my body, my sights coated briefly by a thin mist. Then all was calm for awhile...until the whispers began.

As they gradually grew louder, I suddenly knew where it was coming from, and my body went stiff. There was no doubt about it. She was in the backseat of my car. And one time I swear I felt a lock of hair brush the side of my cheeks. I did not dare look back there, and I even turned the rearview mirror away.

I don’t remember how I managed to keep myself together until I got here to the lighthouse but somehow I
made it. This is where I must find the answers. I simply must.

[Editor's notes - found this extremely eerie picture slotted within the pages of the diary...]

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