Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hidden Racism

Hidden Racism!
I was out feeding the homeless one night (No, seriously) organized by the St Vincent de Paul Society. There were a bunch of us handing out sandwiches while the others pouring drinks. Then this aging hippie homeless guy (lets call him Shithouse) comes along to get some food.

With my awesomely pearly white smile I hand him a sandwich… Shithouse not only refused, but started yelling some angry hippie insults at me. When he ran out of breath, he walked over to a friend of mine, greeted him, and took a sandwich. Shithouse then proceeded to get a milo. Again he chanted angry hippie spells upon one person, and acted all polite like in front of the other.

Why? Because 2 of us were Asian and the other 2 were White. Oh I see, Asians aren’t good enough to feed you eh? O rly? What about a kick in the nuts? Hmmm? That good enough for you?

Ah well I guess I can’t actually blame him. Racism is everywhere anyway. You don’t think so? When was the last time you played pool?
Why is it that the object of the game is for the WHITE ball to knock away all the other “coloured” balls into a hole??? Is it because they look different? Why is it when a coloured ball falls in a hole, its gone forever, but when the white ball falls in the hole, it gets a second chance?

What about bowling? All them BLACK balls knocking over WHITE pins…

Yea I gave the pins Southern US accents. Why? Coz lets face it, there’s simply no reason for putting red stripes on those pins…other than to indicate that they are REDNECKS!!

Even in attempting to be politically correct, people still appear racist. The term used to describe black people in America is “African American”. This label conveniently assumes that a black guy in America is ALWAYS an American. And of course he simply HAS to be African. Because it would be ludicrous that a black person could have come from any other country, he has to be American and of African descent.
If I was born in Africa but settled in America, Wouldn’t I be an African American too? No no, fuck that, only Black people are African Americans.
And of course there’s more…like the Whitehouse…and Snow White…and Jack Black…but I’m getting tired of this shit so I’ll stop here.

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