Thursday, February 7, 2013

Entry #7


My head aches so bad. So painful.
Alma only wants me to be happy. I show her how happy I am right? I smile. I laugh.
Laughing helps with the pain somehow. It made it even bearable at first.

Don't Peek
[illegible text]

They say I am not ugly. Liars. We are all ugly. Every one of us.
Only Alma.
She is beautiful. Only she understands me.
Head hurts so much…

Don't Peek. Don't Peek. Don't Peek. Don't Peek.

But I am not like them. Casey, Joseph, Michael, Metias.
I will outlast them all. [illegible text]

But this pain. Inside my head, if I could just reach it, just to scratch it for a little while. Just for awhile. Jus [torn pages]

tip of pen...this inviting [torn pages]

Don't Peek

NO must fight...

Don't Peek

But head hurts so muc [illegible scribbles]



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Editor's notes: This is all I could extract from the journal. The text for this last entry are scattered over multiple pages, mostly illegible scribbles, with the words "Don't Peek" occurring more and more often. Unsurprisingly written like that of a man slowly losing his mind. I have tried to decipher them the best I could. If anyone knows the location of the lighthouse or has ANY other info, please please let me know...
I am desperate...
You see...the night I found and read this journal, I felt a presence at the nearby window...
I think I peeked...

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