Thursday, February 7, 2013

Entry #4


There is no feeling more horrible than the feeling of being completely alone and helpless. I realise that
now. I am writing this while sitting in my car. And I am so very afraid of what is to come. But I have to
write this. People need to know.

I wanted to put everything behind me, but it seems that she will not allow it. The morning after that
frightening encounter, I left in a hurry. The caretaker at the reception desk made sure all my paper work was in order. I finished and looked up to wish him a good day but jerked back in horror. His face was horrendously disfigured. Half his face was covered in abscess, scars and lumps that looked like they were filled with pus. One was so big it completely covered his right eye. Parts of his face looked like they were
completely burnt off. Where a mouth should have been was instead merely flesh with a hole sliced into
it and….just thinking about it makes me nauseous. Just know that it was unbearable and I quickly took
my leave, trying not to offend him. Had I not seen him looking normal the night before, or was that someone else?

The drive back was quiet. I thought the worst was over. But after half an hour down the road, I
finally passed another car. I caught a glimpse of the driver’s face and it was equally disfigured as the
caretaker’s back at the lighthouse!

I shook it off, arriving at a nearby town. To my absolute horror, every townsperson I passed have
horribly disfigured faces. I could not believe it. I had passed this town on my way up to the lighthouse
and everyone looked completely normal before. They were staring at me. I panicked and dashed away
into an isolated area. Sitting in the car with my hands trembling, I realised…

I hadn’t looked in a mirror the entire day.

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