Thursday, February 7, 2013

Entry #3


I am at the lighthouse hotel.

How did I end up here? The last few weeks have been blurry but what I do remember is that at some
point after the funeral I got a call from an old man asking that I come to the lighthouse and collect some
items belonging to Metias. Apparently when he booked in he left my details as an emergency contact.
Also, Metias had paid for 2 additional night’s stay but left prematurely. The man said I was free to claim
those two nights at no charge if I wanted to. I was not particularly keen in the stay but I felt it was only
proper to collect the belongings…if only to return them to Metias’ family.

Couple of weeks later I took a trip down to the lighthouse (I will not disclose its location). The idea was
to get there, pick up the items and drive off to stay at another nearby hotel. But due to some poor
directions and bad luck, I arrived late and under the cover of darkness.

I had no choice but to spend the night.

I hope you forgive me If the last few paragraphs seemed rushed, but the events which come after are far
more important to describe.

That night, I was shown to room 4, which was the second highest room in the building. I went to bed
almost immediately due to exhaustion. Sometime in the middle of the night, I felt something familiar.

I felt a breeze, followed by the smell of jasmines. My eyes popped open in fright, but I did not make any
sudden movements. I was lying on my sides, facing the door, so I slowly turned to look behind me at the
window. I saw nothing at first. There were no curtains and the moon was bright that night. Being this
high up, all I saw was the night sky.

But just as I was about to turn away, I noticed something that wasn’t there before. There were two
black shadows on the window sill outside. Each was no bigger than…a hand! They were hands gripping
the window sill. And just as I realised what they were, another shadow slowly arose from beneath the
window. It was a human head.

I quickly turned back to face the door before the head fully came into view. It was impossible for
someone to scale the building this high up. And from the brief glimpse of the head, I could tell it had
long hair, possibly female. I knew she was watching me. I prayed harder than I’ve ever done before.

Then I heard the whispers. Faint, but it sounded like she was saying "let me in" over and over again. I shut my eyes tight, hoping to wish it all away. A few minutes or maybe an hour passed I can't be sure, but the whispering finally stopped...and turned to whimpers. It sounded sad and child-like. She was weeping.  For some strange reason, her quiet cries frightened me more than her whispers. I was almost in tears.

The next thing I knew, it was morning.

I am struggling to recall what happened after the night, but I was glad it was over. I’m writing this
quickly because I am all set to pack and leave this instant.

I want to put all this behind me so badly.

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