Thursday, February 7, 2013

Entry #2


It’s been three months, I decided that I needed to step in and take care of my friend. I showed up at his
house unannounced and knocked on the door. He answered and I was both stunned and troubled by
his appearance. He had lost all life in his eyes and he looked frail and lethargic. Hunched over, slouched
shoulders like a man truly defeated. But what also caught my attention was the twitching at the side of
his mouth, a muscle spasm perhaps. He would not look at me.

I told him I was going to sleep over a few nights to take care of him. I knew he had a guest bedroom. To
my surprise he did not object, probably too tired to argue. I cleaned his house (which was completely
filthy, as I suspected), made him take his long overdue shower and put him to bed. Then I prepared
myself for sleep in the guestroom next door…

What happened later that night still chills me to this day.

I had almost drifted to sleep when I heard it. Faint and one could barely make it out, but I was sure
I heard it. The sound lasted a few seconds…and was gone. I propped my head up and listened....It
sounded like giggling.

I got out of bed slowly and moved towards the wall facing Metias’ room. I pressed my ear up against it.
I swallowed hard. The giggling was not coming from Metias’ room. I could feel a cold sweat down my
forehead. Someone or something else was giggling in the house.

I never thought of myself as a brave person. But I said I would take care of Metias. I pictured his ghastly
looking face. I had to find the source. If this person, or intruder, was the cause of Metias’ transformation
then I had to do something about it. One quick look around I decided. And when I find nothing, I’ll chalk
it up as my imagination.

I gathered my courage and gripped the bedroom doorknob. The house was an old one. I cursed at every
creak the old stupid door made. The squeaking of the hinges made me cringe. Finally, the opening was
wide enough for me to just squeeze through. I listened again.

There it was again. It was no doubt the sound of giggling. Before I knew it I had followed the
sound all the way to another door. This door was locked earlier in the day. I had no idea what was
behind it but as I was a guest at a friend’s house, it was none of my business to be poking about. But
now the mysterious door was slightly ajar.

I took a deep breath and peeked inside.

There sitting in the dark, was Metias. The only source of light was from a TV. He had his right side
facing me and I could see strewn across the floor were piles upon piles of DVDs and books. There was
something sinister about the room.

A window, directly behind Metias. The curtain was mostly drawn, but a breeze was blowing through
the slits. It felt cold and smelt like wet jasmine flowers. As it blew, it sounded…

almost like a voice. A low whisper but noticeably female. And as I watched the room, I became aware
that Metias was giggling furiously each time the wind blew, as if he was entertained not by what was on
the TV, but by what the breeze was saying!

As eerie as the scene was, it became downright petrifying when I suddenly heard the whisper directly
in my left ear “You..” I let out a yelp and fell to the floor. I looked around franctically, but there was no one around me. I looked into the room again…Metias had turned his head and was looking right at me.
He had bloodshot eyes and an unnaturally huge smile. He giggled between clenched teeth. No longer
humorous giggles, but giggles full of malice. The whispering breeze blew …

And the only source of light went off.

I freaked out. My sight had to adjust to the darkness, but my hearing didn’t. I heard sprinting footsteps
closing in. Metias was coming for me!

He was so quick I barely had time to react. Terrified, I shut the door and held it shut for dear life. Metias
was violently trying to get out, pushing, pulling and even clawing at the door. The giggles had turned
to full blown laughter. After what seemed like an eternity, he stopped. That moment of silence was
enough. I bolted. Ran straight for the front door, into my car and drove off.

This strange occurrence happened almost 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t contacted Metias since, nor had I
planned to.

That’s when I heard the news.

My sister told me Metias was dead. She said it was a tragic accident. I knew better.

I also knew the answer even before I asked the next question…He died with a huge grin on his face.

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